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What do I do to start the hail damage claim process?

Allow EcoGen to start your claim. Insurance companies will ask questions that you may not be able to answer and that will result in not getting a fair claim disbursement.

Should I get 3 bids?

Absolutely not. Insurance companies will always pay the lowest bid, and you’ll find yourself settling for a lot less and in return you will be dealing with a contractor that will cut corners in order to make a profit. Select a contractor you feel comfortable with that will help you through the entire restoration process. A trusted contractor can alleviate the stress of home roof insurance claims in Denver.

Can I decide who I want to use for a contractor or do I have to use who my insurance recommends?

You have the option to use any contractor you like and feel comfortable with. In fact, you should not use a contractor that is recommended by the insurance carrier. If an insurance company brings a contractor, then ask yourself, who’s side is the contractor on. Best example is this… Think of it as a ball game. There are three people and two teams need to be made. If you chose to be on the side of the insurance company then the Contractor is limited on material and labor costs because he can’t make a fair profit. But if you choose to on the side of the Contractor of your choice then the insurance company will not limit how the property will be restored. After all the Insurance Adjuster is getting his paycheck from the insurance company.

What is my out of pocket cost?

At EcoGen, for hail storm roof damage in Denver, the only out of pocket expense is your insurance deductible. Check with your agent to ensure you have no exclusions that would cause you to pay above and beyond the deductible.

Should I have a contractor present at the insurance adjustment?

Yes, it is important to have the contractor present at the adjustment. If you work with EcoGen on your restoration project, we will meet the adjustor at your property to ensure that they are able to assess the entire Insurance Claim damage and that nothing goes undocumented. We are Advocating for our clients which is a part of our support for homeowners through the home roof insurance claim process. Remember the Adjuster that is at your house is representing the Insurance Company, so EcoGen will represent you.

We are a partner for hail damage insurance claims in Denver

When your home is affected by storm hail damage, the last thing you need is to be take time off to deal with the roof repair claims process. We ensure a worry-free roof repair experience by turning to EcoGen Exteriors. With our expertise in roofing services and experience supporting homeowners roofing insurance claims, you will receive the maximum you’re entitled to for your storm damage restoration. Contact us today and schedule a free consultation.

Am I able to upgrade materials?

You can upgrade materials for an additional cost above your deductible. Check with your Customer Experience Expert for upgrade options and pricing.

Can an additional Layer of shingles be installed?

EcoGen’s professional opinion is no. You never want to cover an existing roof with another layer of roofing materials. This will cause significant future damage to the structural integrity of your home. If a roofing company suggests this option, then they have revealed themselves to be a deceitful contractor and they should be avoided. Shingles alone are heavy and to add another layer plus a snow load could mean disaster.

How do I know when my roof needs a replacement?

Unfortunately, in order to determine if your roof needs a complete replacement is a little more complicated than if your home needs a fresh coat of paint. EcoGen suggests to be aware of physical signs that would suggest your home needs a new roof in Denver, Aurora, Thornton, or surrounding areas. Refer to the list below for some common signs that may indicate you need a roof Replacement.

** Leak stains on your ceiling or walls

** Curling, missing, wide gaps, and raised shingles

** Areas the show mold or dark spots

** Exterior Paint that is peeling

** Visible roof damage after a severe storm

** A roof that was not properly installed

** Age of roof is over 20 years

At some point in time every roof needs to be replaced. It is suggested that no time is wasted in order to avoid interior damage which results in higher restoration costs.

The enemies of a roof are snow, rain, sun, hail, wind, algae, moss, trees, and condensation.

From this list the worst ones are the sun and moisture, they will accelerate the decay of your roof.

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