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Denver weather can be severe

If your home or business has sustained hail damage, you need the premium roof repair and restoration services from EcoGen Exteriors. When a storm hits, our roof repair experts are in our communities the very next day, ready to help restore the safety and integrity of your properties, Get in touch with our team to schedule a free inspection.

Why Choose EcoGen Exteriors?

  • Trusted company – an “A” rating with the BBB and numerous awards for quality and service
  • Customer-focused – we work hard to understand and fulfill your needs
  • Premium products – we only use the highest-rated materials from industry leading manufacturers
  • Local reputation – we rely on the referrals of our satisfied, Denver customers 
  • Free Inspections – get in touch with us to get started

Granule Loss and Cracks in Shingles

Granules are the mineral, sandpaper-like materials that serve as a protective coating on your shingles. When storms strike, hail can loosen the granules and cause them to slide off, leaving the asphalt on your shingles directly exposed to the elements. Without the granules to shield them, your shingles will deteriorate faster and your roof may develop leaks. Cracks in your shingles allow water to penetrate and damage the integrity of your roof. Both granule loss and cracks in your shingles can be hard to detect, but are crucial to preventing leaks. Contact us for a free inspection!

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Exposure of the Fiberglass Mat Beneath Your Shingles

If a severe hailstorm causes your shingles to shatter, the fiberglass mat below them will be left exposed and vulnerable. These mats were not built to withstand any sort of severe impact, so future storms can easily fracture the mat, resulting in costly water damage and leaks. Because the mat sits under your shingles, it can be difficult to diagnose without the eyes of an experienced technician. Get in touch with us for a roof repair inspection today!


Damage to Self-Seal Strips

Hail and high winds can slowly loosen the self-seal strips that keep your shingles attached to your roof. If you aren’t aware that the self-seal strips are compromised, light rain or snowfall can slowly damage your roof until high winds blow your shingle right off. Loose or weakened self-seal strips are a ticking time bomb that can lead to leaks and costly roof repairs. Don’t wait — contact EcoGen for a free inspection!